Buriton Post Office

DURING THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK some temporary arrangements have been made so that there can still be a Post Office in the village each week. One of their vans will visit whilst the church remains closed: Fridays, 12.30-2pm in the Village Inn car park. The van should be able to offer most PO services, including cash withdrawal, top ups, mail etc. It is possible that the timing of the visit may be adjusted in the weeks ahead (depending on arrangements in other villages) and the Post Office officials ask that social distancing measures are adhered to by all – or else they may be forced to remove Buriton from this new service.


The Post Office is normally open on Fridays from 9.30am to 11.30am in the Seward Room in St. Mary's church. 

There is usually free tea, coffee & biscuits, no queuing and a chance to meet others for sociable chats.

The Post Office provides a wide range of sevices: posting letters and all types of parcels, car tax, banking etc

Sometimes local and other produce is also available: Buriton tea towels; local meat, sausages etc; and even Olive Oil...  If you have anything you would like to sell, why not give it a try?