Buriton’s Playground and Village Hall

Hoping to re-open as soon as is it is safe to do so – please read more ...

Although the Government is now permitting playgrounds and community halls to re-open after 4 July, they have issued guidance which in some places is very detailed and onerous for small communities and in other places is very vague.

Parish Councils across the country are worried about the impractical nature of the guidance, about the financial implications and about risks of prosecution if adequate measures are not put in place to manage Covid-19. It will also be important to ensure that existing insurance policies remain valid.

In Buriton it has been possible, even during the lockdown period, to get a full safety inspection undertaken on the playground which has identified that some small, but important, repairs are required. However, it has not yet been possible to get a suitably qualified company to come to the village to carry out these repairs and so the playground must remain closed for a little while longer. It is hoped that it will reopen during July with new signs providing information for users.

Government restrictions on uses of village halls continue to be quite strict (particularly in terms of indoor fitness, sports activities and the prohibition of gatherings of over 30 people) and measures to reduce the risks of the transmission of the virus have to be considered very carefully. In Buriton it is hoped that it will be possible to re-open the hall for a limited number of uses in August and, if Government restrictions allow, more bookings from September onwards.