This happened in Buriton

We apologise for the shocking photograph - but maybe you can help stop this from happening again?

On the night of Wednesday 1st April or early in the morning of Thursday 2nd April a dog attacked a flock of sheep near to the village.

Six lambs were viciously attacked and three were killed.

One of the mums, who had tried to protect her lamb, was so badly bitten that she also had to be put down.

The rest of the flock were incredibly worried and traumatised. If any were pregnant they may well lose their unborn lambs.

It was probably a normally well-behaved family dog.

It's not the dog's fault when it chases or attacks animals - it is just its natural instincts taking over.

Dog owners need to keep their dogs on leads everywhere in this parish where livestock are to be found - particularly at this time of year when sheep are giving birth to new-born lambs.

Visitors may not be aware that many of the fields around the village and up near the Queen Elizabeth Country Park contain livestock.

Please ask people to put their dogs on leads in areas where you think there may be animals to help prevent this happening again.