Climate change in Buriton

Follow-up meeting makes progress – but more help is needed

The presentation and discussion at the special Parish Council meeting in May has now led to some volunteers meeting to discuss some initial ideas and next steps.

It was recognised that climate change could affect life in Buriton in the years ahead in a wide range of ways: more storms, periods of drought, fires affecting farmland, effects on nature and changes in population movement as sea levels rise which could lead to more houses on land in the parish.

Responses to these challenges will require both mitigation (taking actions to reduce the severity of climate change and adaptation (adjusting to live in new conditions).

The group identified a number of potential next steps including: seeing if thermal imaging equipment could be borrowed so that households could find out how they could save energy costs; sharing expertise that already exists in the parish (including homes which have already installed energy saving measures); showing electric vehicles on the recreation ground; considering some sort of event to help people identify grants and subsidies; circulating examples of useful websites; helping the school and the parish council take more actions.

Another event is likely to be arranged in the near future and it would be great if more people could join in to make the group a bit larger and help increase momentum.

Please contact Greg Ford ( or Doug Jones (