Ducklings fight against Dog Poo

Childminding group makes poo bag dispensers

Children at the Buriton Ducklings childminding group have been busy making their own poo bag dispensers and putting them up around the village.

Jade and Emma, the founders of the group, both feel strongly about the amounts of dog mess that can sometimes be found and worry that this anti-social behaviour by a minority of dog owners may be increasing again – which can spoil things for young children.

They plan to keep all the new containers topped up with poo bags so that anyone who finds themselves without a bag when their dog has made a mess can help themselves.

“Dog poo fairies are not real!”, they explain. “Let's keep our village dog poo free.”

All the District Council’s litter bins around the village can be used for bags of dog poo as long as it is properly sealed in a bag.

And the Parish Council has requested extra visits by EHDC Dog Wardens.

The Councils remind everyone that it is an offence not clean up after your dog and that Fines and Fixed Penalty Notices can be issued.

For more information about the Buriton Ducklings Childminding service or to contact Jade or Emma about this initiative, please use or 07983 201052. Information can also be found on the group’s Facebook site: