Come along and drop a clanger - Saturday November 17th (2 ? 4pm)

Exactly 300 years ago the church tower was struck by lightening and destroyed by fire. Buriton's bell-ringers will be marking this anniversary - and they will also be giving people a chance to have a go at ringing the bells.

On the Saturday morning the team will be ringing a quarter peal for everyone to enjoy - and in the afternoon (between 2 and 4pm) there will be a public demonstration with opportunities for anyone to pull the bellropes.

Why not have a go? You might be tempted to join the team again?

The present team cannot go on for ever and, strangely, not one of the present band is from the parish. Most come here every week from Clanfield, with others from Horndean and Cosham. New recruits would be really welcome to help keep the bells ringing - and it would be good if some of them came from Buriton.

When the bells were re-hung in 1935 Buriton fielded a strong team of local bellringers - with names belonging to families resident here for generations. They included the following: H. Welch, W. Burgess, H.G. Harper, J. Hall, J. New, W. Patrick, W. Pretty, F. & G. Strugnell, H.J. & H. Stubbs. Other familiar names from more recent years include: Bert Marriner, Bob and Andrew Reeves, David Brown and (recently retired from ringing) Brian Kempton.

Incidentally, the sad event of 1712 was followed a few years later by a much more joyful event when the new ring of five bells was dedicated. That date will also be celebrated when the time comes. And maybe there will be some new local bellringers in the team by then?

For more details contact David Hughes on 02392 570620 or email: