The new houses on Greenway Lane

Imperial Homes development site

Latest updates

The Parish Council continues to try to work closely with the new owners of the housing site (Imperial Homes) and with the SDNPA Planning Officers who will monitor the construction.

Imperial Homes have submitted details of their Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) which is required to show how the construction work considers aspects of environmental protection and minimises impacts on people and the environment.

The Parish Council alerted nearby residents to the draft CEMP and encouraged them to share details with friends and neighbours. All replies received have subsequently been included in Parish Council correspondence to SDNPA which included the following main issues:

  • The access from Greenway Lane does not seem to be in the same location as that approved by the County Council’s Highways Officers and the SDNPA Planning Committee. The access has been created where there was an old field gate – but that was never felt to be safe enough for the Construction Works, nor for the access point for the new road serving the new houses. The actual place where the access has now been created is on a relatively blind part of a bend whereas the Highway Authority had ensured that the real access for the development would be in a safer location – quite a few metres further north. It is felt that the current access point is potentially unsafe during all the construction works and that it should be moved to be in the place identified on all the plans with full visibility in both directions
  • There is no overall timetable for the project - only a list of tasks which add up to a duration of almost 2 years.  More information about which tasks are due to take place in which months etc has been sought along with a clearer project plan
  • There are a number of families (including young children and elderly residents) living in the properties which back directly on to the development site and there are concerns that the proposals include working on Saturday mornings (starting as early as 8am). It is felt that, having emerged from some of the pressures of the Covid period, weekends are very precious for everyone (young and old alike) and that it would therefore be preferable for there to be no working on Saturdays.

The Parish Council is also trying to ensure that the future name for the housing development has some local meaning and connection. Parishioners had an opportunity to suggest suitable names for consideration by mid-July but no suggestions were received.