New Geo-Trail Leaflets describe "Walks through time"

Two new leaflets produced by Buriton Parish Council provide an insight into 100 million years of history - and explain how the rocks beneath us not only create the landscapes and scenery in the parish, but also influence the natural vegetation, wildlife, agriculture and industrial history of the area.

If you were standing in Buriton 100 million years ago you would be submerged in a warm, shallow sea and the nearest land would be many miles away. You would also be much closer to the equator as the area which now forms southern England was roughly where North Africa is today.

Since that time Britain has drifted northwards and the materials which now form our rocks and soils have been compressed, folded and eroded.

The rocks and scenery in the parish tell amazing stories of continental collisions, of sub-tropical seas and of the effects of the Ice Age.

The walks described in the leaflets will help readers see some of the evidence of this journey through time.

The pair of leaflets were officially launched at the Spring Meeting of the Buriton Village Association on March 12th and copies will be distributed to all households in the parish with the Parish Magazine. 

Further copies will be available in Buriton's pubs, church and village hall - or by contacting Doug Jones on 01730 231326 or