Parish Council

Welcome to the home page for Buriton Parish Council.

As well as establishing this Community Website for the parish, the Parish Council provides copies of Agendas and Minutes of its Meetings here.

Dates of the regular Parish Council meetings for 2019 and 2020 are listed below - as well as the names of the members of the Council elected as a result of the May 2019 election process. Elections for all East Hampshire District Council Wards and all Town and Parishes within the East Hampshire area took place on Thursday 2 May and full details of how to stand for election were provided via this website. 

The Council's 2019 Annual Meeting was held on 20th May and copies of the summary of achievements can be viewed under the 'Annual Reports' tab from this web-page. Accounts Notices and Governance Statements are available under the 'Other Information' tab.

Although the Parish Council does not need to comply with the Government's 'Transparency Code for Smaller Councils', the Council considers that it is good practice to display a range of other information in this part of the website [see under 'Other Information' tab].

Details of any planning applications in the parish can be found by clicking here:


Any complaints or problems with the local road network can be reported directly to Hampshire County Council via this page on our website: This deals with potholes, faulty street lights, tree problems, flooding or drainage issues, abandoned vehicles, refilling salt bins, fly tipping and other issues.

The District Council has an online reporting system so that residents can report environmental problems and nuisance. Details can be found on the 'Useful Information' section of this website.

The Parish Council aims to make the countryside accessible to responsible walkers by a steady programme of replacing stiles with kissing gates.  We offer a warm welcome to visitors to the parish - particularly those travelling on foot, by cycle or on horse back. The local walks leaflet, "Exploring Buriton" (downloadable from the home page of this website, provides details of a number of circular walks in the parish and encourages visitors to respect the countryside as it is cherished by the local community.   

Our Parish Clerk, Petra Norris, can be contacted via or by telephoning 07943 536065.

Forthcoming meetings in 2019 and 2020 are as follows:

  • Monday 25 November
  • Monday 27 January
  • Monday 30 March
  • Monday 18 May
  • Monday 27 July
  • Monday 28 September
  • Monday 30 November

If there is business to discuss, the Planning Committee meets at 6pm on the above dates and also on the last Monday of other months or as required. If the Planning Committee is due to meet, details will be posted on the Parish Council noticeboard in advance as well as on this website. 

Members of the Parish Council (following elections in 2019 and subsequent cooptions) are as follows:

  • Doug Jones (Chairman)
  • Maggie Johnston (Vice-Chairman)
  • Lynne Ashcroft
  • Andrew Bray
  • Heidi Coates
  • Tim Crew
  • Matt Marriott
  • Samantha Rossiter
  • Sarah Stevens

 Chairmen of the Parish Council's Committees are as follows: 

  • Planning Committee Chairman: Maggie Johnston
  • Rights of Way Committee Chairman: Doug Jones
  • Village Hall & Recreation Committee Chairman: Tim Crew
  • Finance & General Purposes Committee Chairman: Andrew Bray

District Councillor: Robert Mocatta (

County Councillor: Robert Mocatta (