Bats in the Chalk Pits

Ranger Joe finds bats in the pits

Buriton’s Chalk Pits Ranger, Joe Williams, led a popular evening walk in the Local Nature Reserve in October.

He explained that at this time of day, in fading light, another side of the Chalk Pits is revealed: tranquil yet alive with leaves rustling, foxes screeching and bats flitting to and fro. Most notably, he continued, is the rhythmic call of the Tawny Owl as it readies itself for night hunting.

Joe confirmed that the Chalk Pits have benefited greatly this year from the work put in by local volunteers, resulting in a cared-for Nature Reserve which he hopes has been enjoyed by many visitors.

“The work that is done throughout the winter can then be seen through the spring, summer and autumn.”

“The Chalk Pits has some wonderful flora, which is conserved through practical conservation efforts which would not be possible without local support.”

Joe explained that he would be hosting conservation task mornings (9am to about 1pm) on Saturday 27th January, 17th February and 10th March 2018 in the small pit, with a focus on clearing scrub and undertaking some maintenance of trails.

He hopes that parishioners will come along – even if just for an hour or so. Tea, coffee and cake will be available as per usual!