Car park improvements completed

Final phase undertaken after Covid delays

Although delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic the re-surfacing work at the village hall car park has now been completed.

The first phase, undertaken in July 2020, had increased parking capacity, provided protection for tree roots, retained a porous surface and added cycle parking facilities.

The remaining work required re-surfacing of part of the tarmac area and this was done on Friday 3 September with very little inconvenience to any users.

Although the costs totalled to over £10,000 (a large amount for a small community such as Buriton) the Parish Council was able to obtain contributions from other sources so that not all the costs had to be borne by residents.

Some years ago the Buriton Tennis Club had kindly agreed to contribute £1,000 in recognition of the fact that its club members are amongst the main users of the car park and the Parish Council gratefully acknowledges this contribution.