Films in Buriton - autumn 2017

Films in Buriton are back with an exciting feast of films for the autumn season.

Most films are on the first Friday of the month and start at 7.30 (doors open from 7pm) in the village hall but there will be different timings for the Christmas family film.

As usual, ice creams, wine and nibbles will be on sale.

Forthcoming films are as follows:

Friday 8th September: 'Hidden Figures'

Friday 6th October: 'Viceroy's House'

Friday 10th November: 'Hampstead'

Friday 8th December: 'Another Mother's Son'

Thursday 21st December: 'Beauty and the Beast' (doors open at 5.30pm, film starts at 6pm)


Tickets cost £5 each - having the exact money is very helpful.


If you have any particular views on types of films or a certain film that you may wish to see, please inform anyone on the committee who will do their best to accommodate them.


Anyone who would like to attend any of the performances but has problems getting to the village hall or simply does not like the idea of going alone or returning to their home in the dark after the show - just contact any of the committee members and arrangements can be made.


Contacts are: Maggie Johnston, Sarah Marks, Lynne Ashcroft, Daphne Gardner and Susie McKenney