Ken’s Cans

Bug hotels for your garden

One of the attractions at the village show was the fantastic range of bug hotels made by Ken Cox of Bones Lane.

And some are still available.

Ken uses natural and recycled materials – including catering cans from the Five Bells – to make bee-spoke resting places for important creatures: particularly pollinators.

These ‘hotels’ can help insects through the winter months so now is a great time to provide some accommodation!

They give solitary bees and many other mini-beasts a safe space to shelter, lay their eggs, raise their young, and seek refuge from predators.

Please contact Ken if you’d like to get one of his hotels to help some of our local wildlife by providing hidey-holes for creatures galore:

The creatures are very relaxed tenants and will find places that appeal to them within Ken’s cans – but there are a few extra tips:

  • Fix it so that it faces south or east to catch the morning sun – this helps the creatures become active earlier
  • If there are flowers nearby for bees to feed on, that’s good too
  • Make sure that the hotel is securely in place and stable so that it doesn’t get blown about in the wind
  • Try to ensure a slight incline (or a roof with a lip) to stop rainwater getting inside. If it gets damp, fungus can spread and kill the creatures.