Parish reaction to planning proposals

Detailed responses to complex proposals from Government and at the Butser Hill Quarries

The Parish Council has submitted a detailed response to radical Government ‘White Paper’ proposals to change the planning system, highlighting some surprising omissions and also challenging ideas which could reduce opportunities for parishioners to comment on plans for new developments. The Parish Council’s response to Government is at the foot of this page.

The Parish Council is also following proposals at the Butser Hill Lime Works very closely as it is felt that there could be some potential adverse effects on the parish, some very significant opportunities provided by the restoration phase and also opportunities for greater community engagement. The proposals (application SDNP/20/01535/FUL) include the extraction of 343,670 tonnes of chalk and the importation of 1,149,000 tonnes of inert waste, soils and clays as well as 31,000 tonnes of top soil. It is proposed that all the operations in the quarry area will cease and that the site will be restored by 31 December 2028. The Parish Council’s initial response (August 2020) is at the foot of this page.

More recently the Parish Council has responded to an invitation from the Planning Authority to comment on early draft proposals by Metis Homes to build 10 new houses on the edge of the village. The Parish Council welcomed many aspects of the designs but identified 2 important concerns and raised a number of queries. This submission is at the foot of this page.

The Parish Council considers all planning application in the parish with details posted on the Parish Council noticeboard and on this website prior to each meeting and with minutes of each meeting available here.