A smell from your pipes?

Southern Water warn everyone about what is being flushed down local toilets and sinks.

“Blockages in your pipes can cause a real stink and flood your home.”

This is the headline warning on a new leaflet delivered to households in the village.

In spite of regular articles in the Parish Magazine, the water company is trying yet again to raise awareness about everyone’s kitchen and toilet habits.

They explain that small changes can have a big impact:

  • Scrape any leftover food or grease and fat residue from plates and cooking utensils into a bin
  • Use yoghurt pots, butter tubs or jars to collect cooled fat and oil so that it can be put into a bin
  • Only flush toilet paper, pee and poo down the loo. Everything else should go in a bin
  • Use nappy sacks for items that might smell.

“Every wipe, tissue or sanitary product flushed down the loo could block your pipes and cause a flood”, the latest leaflet explains.

“Even wipes marked ‘flushable’ can cause sewer blockages as they do not disintegrate fast enough”, they add.

The leaflet also explains:

  • Wipes are made of 90% plastic
  • One sanitary pad contains as much plastic as FIVE carrier bags – but you wouldn’t flush a carrier bag down your loo!
  • One million marine animals are killed by plastic pollution each year

In recent years they have had some severe issues at the Buriton Waste Water Treatment Works with excessively high levels of Fat Oil and Grease which can cause their equipment to fail, leading to pollution in the nearby stream.

For more information see: www.southernwater.co.uk/keepitclear