Village Hall Public Meeting, Tuesday 15th November

Parishioners and users of the village hall are invited to a public meeting on Tuesday,15th November to agree the future of the hall.

The village hall is owned by the Parish Council but has been managed and run by a village hall charity. The board of trustees of this charity has had difficulty in recent years in recruiting and retaining Trustees and has decided they would like to close the charity. The trustees have asked the Parish Council if it would be willing to take over the management and running of the hall. The Parish Council has said it would be very willing to take on this role and has already set up a new village hall sub committee to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. The Parish Council very much wants to ensure the continued success of our much-loved village asset.

The board of trustees has to follow a formal legal process in order to close the charity and transfer its responsibilities to the Parish Council. The trustees must call a public meeting of Parishioners at which people are asked to vote on a draft resolution concerning the hall. If this vote is carried the trustees can then seek the Charity Commission's approval to proceed with their proposal.

This public meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 15th November at 7.30pm in the upper hall of the village hall and it will be asked to agree the following draft resolution:

Buriton Village Hall Management Committee resolves to wind up the charity due to a lack of trustees and no new trustees being forthcoming.  It is also proposed that Buriton Parish Council, which owns the building, be asked to assume the operation and management of Buriton Village Hall to ensure its continued success and popularity as a venue for village groups and other hirers.  Buriton Parish Council has indicated that it is willing so to do.  

Further information will be available at the meeting and we would be delighted too see you there.

All best wishes,
Daphne Gardner.
Chairman, Parish Council Village Hall committee.