Good news from Buriton’s 15th year with Dominase

Buriton’s little charity continues to make big differences to lives in our adopted community of Dominase in central Ghana

2018 was the 15th year of Buriton’s Village-to-Village Group and it was another productive year, continuing to concentrate efforts on education and sanitation.

The Group also hopes that we might be able to help to improve health education in the future (so that families can avoid dangerous diseases and improve living conditions) but ideas have not yet been developed, so if you have any bright ideas or advice, please let us know.

In 2018 Buriton’s efforts helped to:

  • sponsor another successful inter-school reading competition (the fifth annual event) which local Education officials believe is helping to improve standards year-on-year
  • assist another group of young teachers with the fees for their teacher-training courses so that they can undertake studies and improve educational outcomes for children
  • fund another block of school toilets (the fifth so far): meaning that, when completed during 2019,  scores more children will have somewhere safe and clean to go to the loo during school time - which, in turn, helps to boost attendances at school
  • complete our family toilet programme, having now helped 500 families to get their first ever household loo and created an impetus for villagers to continue building more without any funding from us. This project steadily improves living conditions, reduces risks of diseases and provides some privacy that we probably all take for granted.

In 2019 we expect to provide more supplies of supplementary reading books for all the school libraries that have been established and to sponsor another inter-school reading competition to maintain momentum in this important area. Our fifth block of school toilets should be successfully completed and the latest group of teachers should continue with their training programmes.

All this good news is greatly appreciated in Dominase.

Every penny of money donated to this cause gets spent ‘on the ground’ in Dominase as the costs of any expenses incurred in any of our work are kindly covered by a generous benefactor.