Welcome to Buriton

If anybody identifies a person who is vulnerable and who may also be worried that their fuel supply is about to run out (or has run out), the following telephone number at HantsDirect will be staffed (24hrs) to coordinate this: 0845 603 5630 (Adult Services).

Plans for a day of festivities and fun in Buriton on Sunday 3rd June have been revealed in the Parish Magazine. And bookings are needed for the Street Party by 1st May so that the organisers know how many tables and chairs to obtain.

Children in Dominase are not fortunate to have many of the educational aids that we take for granted. Pens, pencils, paper, books and school uniforms are all very expensive for poor families. Without any electricity in their schools, children can only learn computer skills by looking at books with pictures of keyboards.

There is no running water in this part of Ghana and only a few boreholes and wells. The local river, often used for washing, is very dirty and can cause chronic disease and death. The Village-to-Village Groups in Buriton and Dominase therefore agreed that an early priority should be helping to improve supplies of clean water.

One of the first areas of support provided by villagers in Buriton was to help provide a health clinic with a generator and funding for living quarters for a nurse. Without this effort there was a risk that the health authorities may have closed the clinic.