Buriton Village Hall was built in 1997, replacing an earlier facility (see the History page on this website).

The Main Hall is approximately 17 metres by 8 metres - about the size of a badminton court - and can normally accommodate up to 200 people. The total number of people that can simultaneously attend the hall is governed by Health and Safety considerations.

The Upper Hall or stage is approximately 8 metres by 6 metres and is 1 metre higher than the main hall. It can be used as a stage or as an extension to the main hall with the screening open. Alternatively it can be used as a separate small hall for meetings or small events involving up to a maximum of 50 people. For example, Parish Council Meetings are held there every two months. There is a stair lift to the upper hall to provide access for people with physical mobility difficulties.

Additional facilities are toilets, male, female and disabled and a recently refurbished kitchen (4 metres by 4.5 metres) with sink, range cooker, large fridge-freezer and an industrial style dishwasher.

Tables and chairs are available from a store with direct access to the main hall. There are also internal and external storage facilities for regular hall users.

The Hall has a sound system that connects to two large speakers located at either side of the stage.

As well as conventional fluorescent tube lighting there is a stage lighting system that can be used in connection with drama and music events.

The Hall is licensed under the PRS and PPL scheme for music performance and playing of recorded music.  It is also licensed for the sale of alcohol, provided this is supervised by a Personal Licence Holder, such as a local publican or a qualified member of the Management Committee. 

Externally there are approximately 25 car parking spaces, shared between users of the Village Hall, Tennis Courts and local properties. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee availability of car parking spaces for village hall users, particularly when other events are taking place.  There are further public parking spaces in the car park near the church and village pond, but parking on street is discouraged with respect for nearby residents.