Nursted Farm Lamb


Andrew Bray of Nursted Farm can offer local lamb all neatly butchered into portions and packed ready to be eaten or frozen.

He sells his meat in 'boxes' and you can order either a half or a whole lamb. Lambs aren't huge animals and so most people want at least half a lamb - but some make their own arrangements to share with family or friends.

If you order a whole lamb you should receive:

  • 2 individual leg joints (about 2kg each) - can be cut in two for smaller households
  • 2 individual shoulder joints (about 2kg each) - can also be cut in two if requested
  • About 20 chump chops / loin chops / cutlets (spare ribs)
  • Two breasts, a pack of stewing mix and two kidneys

If you only want half a lamb then you should get half of the above.

Half lambs are generally in the range £60-£70

Once Andrew has enough orders for about seven lambs he makes make all the necessary arrangements and your meat is available about three weeks later - as long as there is sufficient demand; and as long as he hasn't run out: it's entirely 'first come, first served'.

Help Andrew continue to make this local food initiative a success. Contact Andrew on 01730 264278 or to arrange local lamb for your freezer.