Sitting at the centre of our community is Neighbourcare Buriton.



It has been running for several years and tends to be invisible, but it consists of a core of volunteers who step in when our elderly or infirm folk need a hand.



The main focus of our activity is taking people to hospital, doctor or dental appointments and on occasions shopping. Our volunteers say that they get as much out of it as the people whom they help.



If you have a few hours to spare now and again, please consider joining us, as we are always looking for volunteers. It does not have to be a regular commitment and you can certainly say no if on that occasion it would be inconvenient or not possible for you to undertake a request.




If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer.





If you feel that you could use our help.


Please contact one of our Co-ordinators





      Kim Hoolahan                     Peter Nixon
    01730 262252                     01730 269034