Buriton becomes a Dark Skies Discovery site


One of the best star-gazing places around …


Thanks to the Parish Council and help from the South Downs National Park Authority, the quality of the dark night skies above Buriton have now been officially recognised as a ‘Dark Skies Discovery Site’ by the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

Dark Sky Discovery Sites are places that are away from the worst of any local light pollution, provide good sightlines of the sky and have good public access, including firm ground for wheelchairs. 

Details of similar sites across the country can be found on this website http://www.darkskydiscovery.org.uk/ and the designation should bring opportunities to educate people about the exciting sights of a fairly dark sky and about the many negative effects of light pollution.

Local individuals and astronomy clubs may now wish to team up with one of the village pubs to provide summer or winter Star-Gazing events or other learning opportunities.