Buriton chosen for ‘Bee Lines’ project

Beelines Campaign

Successful bid to National Park can help Pollinators

Bees, butterflies, beetles and other bugs play vital roles by pollinating plants that bring us so many everyday things – from fruit and vegetables, to raw materials, essential oils and also fibres for making clothes.

But, in recent years, these species have been suffering. Many are in decline and need our help more than ever.

The Parish Council has already started working with Hampshire County Council as one of six ‘pilot’ places in the county, trying to improve conditions for pollinators – and it’s been great to see that many people are taking part.

And now the South Downs National Park Trust, the official charity for the National Park, has agreed to help the community develop ideas further with advice from experts at Plantlife.

Ideas are likely to focus on the wild margins of the recreation ground – but with the potential for including education and awareness raising initiatives, too.

Being so close to the school there are opportunities for learning and enjoyment for all the children and the project should enable many people to appreciate the wider benefits that managing land for bees, pollinators and biodiversity can bring to us all: “Helping Nature to Help Us!”

From household gardens to commercial farmland, everyone can play a part in creating new wildflower corridors to help our pollinators to thrive.

Please contact Petra Norris, Parish Clerk, if you would like more information so as to be able to help with this project in any way: 07943 536065 or buritonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk.