Buriton chosen for ‘Re-Naturing’ project


Successful bid to National Park to help create new wildlife habitats

It is increasingly being realised that nature is under pressure and needs help.

The South Downs National Park Authority has, therefore, commenced a big new project to identify potential land that could contribute to nature recovery.

Currently, just 25% of land in the National Park is managed for nature. The aim is to increase that to 33% by 2030 through an innovative #ReNature Campaign

The campaign started with a ‘Call for Sites’: inviting communities, farmers and conservation groups to put forward possible places where new wildlife habitat could be created.

The Parish Council had already been chosen by Hampshire County Council to be one of six pilot places in the county, trying to improve conditions for pollinators – with the margins of the recreation ground being allowed to become wild.

And now the National Park Authority has agreed to discuss ideas with the Parish Council – to develop nature recovery projects by providing specialist advice and help to find funding opportunities if required.

Ideas are likely to focus on the wild margins of the recreation ground – but with the potential for including education and awareness raising initiatives, too.

Members of Buriton’s Pollinator Group (see Facebook site here) are delighted with this latest recognition of steps being taken in the community. They explain that everyone can play a part in creating networks for nature to make the parish an even better place for nature and for people.

Please contact Petra Norris, Parish Clerk, if you would like more information so as to be able to help with this project in any way: 07943 536065 or buritonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk