Buriton projects highlighted by National Park Authority

SDNPA Case Study (Nature)

Case study shows biodiversity gains from re-naturing initiatives.

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) launched a major nature recovery initiative in 2021, aiming to increase the area of the land managed for nature from 25% to 33% by 2030. 

Recognising that nature is under pressure and needs help, the campaign aims to create new havens for wildlife to flourish – which will also benefit people and the climate.

The National Park Authority explains that achieving these goals will require a wide range of nature recovery projects: from large landscape-scale restoration of entire habitats to small-scale projects in communities – and they highlight Buriton as a place which has taken the issue very seriously.

The ‘case study’ report about Buriton’s work (see pdf document at the foot of this page) has been published as an example for other communities to read, adapt and follow in their own areas.

The SDNPA has produced a range of useful on-line guidance for communities, land managers and others. The information (available at www.southdowns.gov.uk/renature) explains how to make space for nature-friendly projects and provides details about sources of advice and funding.

There are a number of Case Studies on the SDNPA website with the Buriton one being the most recent: Landscape and Biodiversity - South Downs National Park Authority

Within days of the Buriton story appearing on the internet, a new study by national experts showed that, on average, wildlife species have declined by almost 20% since monitoring began in 1970 and that one in six species is at risk of being lost in this country. Whilst the work also shows that most of the important UK habitats are in poor condition, it concludes that restoration projects can and do have clear benefits: not just for nature but also for people and climate change. 

Hopefully the local work in Buriton is playing a small part in addressing these big challenges. A link to the recent landmark report is available here: link.

This isn’t the first time that work in Buriton has been highlighted by the National Park Authority as an example for other communities to follow. Our traffic project of 2009-2012 was the feature of one of the first Case Studies produced (available here) and the community’s Dark Skies initiatives were highlighted in 2021 (see here).