Buriton’s Hay-Day on film


The County Council has produced a short video about the community's pollinator initiative

Hampshire experts have put a short film about our recent ‘Hay-Day’ and Pollinator Project on their Twitter feed, here (https://twitter.com/hantsconnect/status/1455512518307110912)

The video shows action on the village Recreation Ground along with explanations about the project.

The film was also featured at a special County Council ‘Climate Change COP26 Event’ at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park on 30th October where it was shown throughout the day, to encourage others to think about potential actions and activities. 

The parish has been selected as one of only six places in Hampshire for a project to help some vitally important creatures – and the Hay-Day on September 18th was so successful that it may potentially become an annual event.

Bees, butterflies, moths and beetles are vital for crops and fruit – with experts estimating that over a third of the food that we eat depends on such unsung little pollinators.

There is more information about the community’s Pollinator Project elsewhere on this website as well as in the centre pages of all the Parish Magazines - but more ideas are always welcomed.

Andy Davidson, the County Council’s Nature Recovery expert, applauds the Buriton project and is helping to spread our ideas to other communities. He produces a series of “Looking after nature” podcasts which are available here.  All are great, but episodes 9, 10, 12 and the moth special are probably most relevant to the project in Buriton.

In addition, the South Downs National Park Authority has also recently launched a major campaign to help nature (see here: https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/renature/). There are ideas and resources for small communities via the link. Please get in touch if you spot something that you think could be followed up here …

You can also use the new ‘Buriton Pollinators’ Facebook and Instagram sites to share ideas, show pictures and learn from others.

New faces are always welcomed to help with these activities – and with the community’s climate change initiative.  Simply contact the Parish Clerk via 07943 536065 or buritonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk