Buriton’s special B-earth Day Show

2024 Earth Day

Scores of villagers enjoyed this big family event in glorious weather in May

With a range of activities, stalls and demonstrations there was a fun-packed afternoon in the village hall and on the recreation ground.

Families enjoyed face-painting, a fun dog show, cooking demonstrations, some magical moths and much more. 

The main theme of this “B-earth Day” was all about nature, wildlife, pollinators and climate issues in the parish -  so there was lots of fabulous eco-friendly fun, advice and activities for all ages, too.

There was also the opportunity to meet representatives from the proposed ReCharge One ‘eco-lodge’ site (to be built at the Buriton A3 junction near Greenway Lane) to learn about their plans and to ask any questions.

Some of the main messages from some of the stalls are summarised at the foot of this web-page.