Trees are having a hard time …

Trees at Village Show

… and need your help

Emily Roberts, Project Manager for a major new initiative from Hampshire County Council, attended the Buriton Village Show and shared some stark statistics.

Although there is nearly 20% of woodland cover in Hampshire, climate change and increases in tree diseases are having a serious impact.

Ash die back is expected to wipe out 80% of the UK’s Ash trees over the next 20 years and other diseases are affecting oaks, elms, horse chestnuts and other species.

Trees are also under severe stress from climate change with droughts, storm floods and wild fires all becoming significant threats, she explained.

A new ‘Hampshire Forest Partnership’ has been set up with this in mind.

With funding and advice from the County Council, the aim is to bring together communities, residents, businesses, schools, colleges, organisations, farmers and landowners in a bid to plant one million trees by 2050.

Parts of the project will also be seeking ‘tree guardians’ (volunteers willing to nurture and water new trees to ensure they survive) and seed collectors who can help ensure supplies of seedlings of local stock in the future.

“Together we can make a difference and leave a legacy for future generations: a legacy in leaves,” said Emily at the end of a busy day in Buriton.

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