Community litter-pick: “the village looks amazing again”

Litter pick 2023

Thank you to everyone who helped …

Over 50 volunteers helped with Buriton’s spring-clean litter-picking morning on Saturday 25th February.

And this year they filled almost 40 large sacks with discarded tin cans, plastic and glass bottles, fast food wrappers, crisp packets and other litter from along the highway verges and open spaces in the parish.

Our lanes and hedgerows now look tidy again and the appearance of the village has been transformed – let’s keep it that way?!

But there is someone in this community who drinks cans of Stella Artois and throws a couple of empty tins away along Greenway Lane or Kiln Lane almost every day. The litter picking volunteers collected over 70 empty Stella cans – and more have appeared since.

Please don’t drop any litter anywhere – and discourage others from doing so …

As a result of this year’s community litter-picking event, a number of the worst ‘grot spots’ in the parish have been reported to the District Council so that they get tidied up thoroughly during their spring clean-up campaign in March.

Thank you to everyone who took part this year, including to Hannah & Adam Griffiths and family for acting as ‘mission control’ again.