Imperial Homes buy Greenway Lane housing site?

Imperial Homes

Metis Homes appear to have sold the land to another developer - and more updates

When residents close to the new housing site told the Parish Council that they had received short letters from Imperial Homes suggesting that building work would be beginning imminently, the Council contacted both the developer and the planners to find out more – and to stress that the community must be involved throughout the entire construction process.

The planners have been very helpful but no information has yet been received from Imperial Homes other than a short message explaining that their contact person for this project will be Richard Paine.

The planners explain that:

  • even though the ownership of the land may have changed soon after planning permission was granted, all the details of the plans submitted by Metis Homes must be followed
  • work on the development cannot start until a number of Conditions attached to the grant of planning permission have been fulfilled
  • in the meantime the developers can erect fences to protect hedgerows and dormouse zones – and they can undertake some minor works to widen the current entrance.

The Parish Council has pointed out that one of the important Conditions that is due to be approved before any development starts is the ‘Construction Environmental Management Plan’ which will contain many issues that will be of importance to people living nearby.

The Condition also requires details of public engagement both prior to and during construction works and the Parish Council has drawn this to the attention of Imperial Homes as well as the planning officers. It has also explained that representatives of the Parish Council and the wider community would welcome the opportunity to work with the company as they develop the Construction Management Plan for submission to, and discussion with, the South Downs Planning Authority.

The Parish Council’s letter to Imperial Homes also hopes that they may also wish to involve the local community in the naming of the new development.

The planners have replied to say that they will make sure that the Parish Council is formally consulted when the Discharge of Condition application is received so that the ‘Construction Environmental Management Plan’ (CEMP) can be studied before the planners agree to it.

In its letters the Parish Council has stressed that it understands that the CEMP ought to contain important information such as:

  • information about public consultation, both before and during the works
  • an indicative timetable for carrying out the development
  • working hours on the site for each day of the week
  • likely numbers, frequency and types of vehicles visiting the site
  • how access to and from the site will be made 
  • where vehicles of all workers and visitors will park
  • how the local roads will be kept free from mud etc
  • how you will minimise noise, vibrations, dust and dirt throughout all stages of the work
  • a sensitive lighting strategy in this area of renowned dark skies.

More information will be posted onto this website when available.