More views collected for National Park’s Local Plan

PPS at Farm Fun Day

Fun on the Farm event attracted more comments 

Communities across the National Park have been asked to help provide evidence for the Review of the South Downs Local Plan.

In particular, parishes are being given an opportunity to produce short Parish Priority Statements, summarising the main needs of their areas, the prevailing views of their communities and what makes their place special.

Following successful community involvement at the B-earth Day event in May, more inputs were obtained at the Fun on the Farm event in June which provided scores of villagers with an opportunity to have their say.

Once again people were encouraged to write their thoughts and ideas about the range of topics provided by the SDNPA onto large sheets of flip-chart paper or small post-it stickers.

The SDNPA template asks questions about: new development in the parish; the types and sizes of new homes that may be required; the character and design of any new buildings; opportunities to help the natural environment; businesses that could be protected or created; important green spaces in the area; any local infrastructure requirements; and key priorities for the parish in the next 15 years.

The Parish Council will be finalising its submission in September and, in the meantime, Buriton’s Village Design Group has been asked to help by engaging the community at events like this.

All comments and ideas are welcomed at this stage. Please send to by the end of July so that the work can continue.