Parish Council plants trees for VE Day


The community is determined not to lose sight of the future (or the past) in these strange times

The Parish Council has managed to fulfil its aim of planting a special new tree to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. 

Thanks to Parish Councillor Matt Marriott (and family) there’s now a splendid new Copper Beech tree on the Recreation Ground. The tree is already about ten years old, it’s fenced to keep it safe for a while and it will be tended carefully over the months ahead. 

The Council has also planted a small new copse of Field Maples on the Recreation Ground (near the top corner: Kiln Lane / rail line), as well. This may, in time, become known as ‘Corona Copse’?!  It could be of interest in years to come for people to look at the copse and reflect that it was planted in the middle of this unprecedented (and let’s hope, unrepeated) pandemic virus situation. 

The trees which will form the new copse are very young but will, in time, provide a new visual feature, a home for wildlife and, by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide, a small contribution towards tackling climate change. 

Field Maples have a strong local connection with the parish (not just because of the old name of the pub!) going back to the Domesday Book where this area was referred to as Mapledurham: “homestead by the Maple tree”. Here’s to the next 900 years in Buriton …

The Coronavirus lockdown restrictions meant that it was not possible to arrange any sort of gathering to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day and none of the activities that had been planned could take place. But the Parish Council Chairman and the Parish Priest, on behalf of the whole community, marked the occasion (suitably distanced!) at the War Memorial with short speeches and prayers.