£100 fine paid for dog fouling in Buriton

Dog fouling

EHDC Dog Wardens catch culprits on regular patrols

District Council Dog Wardens have recently issued a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice to a Buriton resident for failing to pick up after their dog had fouled.

Following requests from the Parish Council, wardens now make regular visits to the village and their patrols include the pond area, the High Street, the recreation ground, Glebe Road, Sumner Road and along Petersfield Road – and elsewhere.

There are plenty of bins in the village for dog waste in sealed bags – but no excuses… 

Please help to spread the word that dog poo can be dangerous for children and that wardens visit the village and issue £100 FPNs.

Details are also on the EHDC website, here.

There’s an extra reason for everyone to help prevent this anti-social habit because cows can be infected with a parasite from dog faeces (Neospora) which then causes weak calves and abortions.

Once infected, cattle remain infected for life and pass it on to their female offspring. This means that many farmers choose to destroy infected animals.

This has happened in this parish recently, affecting cows which graze in the valley along the Hangers Way footpath.

Dogs are the hosts of this parasite and so everyone should always deal with their dog poo properly.