Re-Charge One proposals get approved

Re-Charge One Decision

Government Inspector overturns the National Park’s decision

A Government Planning Inspector has overturned the South Downs National Park’s decision to refuse proposals to develop a field near the Greenway Lane roundabout for up to 60 holiday lodges, spaces for shops and cafes, a re-charge centre for electric vehicles and internal roads with about 125 parking spaces.  

In April 2022 the National Park’s Planning Committee had unanimously refused the planning application but the Inspector’s decision means the development can now be built. 

The Inspector appears to have dismissed a wide range of objections set out by the National Park’s experts and by local community knowledge.

The official Appeal Decision is attached at the foot of this web-page.

Submissions made by Buriton Parish Council can be found here (relating to the planning application in 2022) and here (providing further information to the Inspector for consideration in the Appeal Hearing).