Your New Year’s Resolution for 2022 ?


Join the Buriton Climate Change Challenge

Many parishioners are already taking steps to combat climate change.

It’s hoped that more people will get involved by joining this challenge and pledging to do just one thing (or one thing more!) in 2022.

Small steps can bring big changes – and, with help from everybody, tonnes of emissions can be trimmed from the community’s carbon footprint.

You could pledge to do one of the following in 2022:

  • turn your central heating down by one degree, wear more layers and save money on energy bills
  • draught proof and better insulate your home
  • switch to a green energy provider
  • walk or cycle more, and use public transport whenever possible
  • buy fewer new things, and purchase second hand items
  • reduce the number of flights you take
  • eat three plant-based meals a week.

And if you are able to do more you might pledge to

  • replace your petrol or diesel car with a hybrid or fully electric vehicle
  • retrofit your house with a heating system based on renewables.

Doing just one thing from the lists above will make a major difference. And imagine what a difference it would make if every household in the parish made the Buriton Climate Change Challenge their New Year’s resolution for 2022. We’d reduce the parish’s carbon footprint by hundreds of tonnes a year and, literally, help save the planet. Thanks for joining in.

Buriton’s Climate Change Group was set up by the parish council to explore steps the community can take to reduce its carbon footprint. More support, ideas and volunteers are always welcomed. Please contact Petra Norris, Parish Clerk, via 07943 536065 or, to let her know if you might be interested in joining the group or helping with ideas, activities or actions.