Save the planet – a box ticking exercise

“Stick me on your fridge …”

One of the activities at this year’s village show included ideas and encouragement for 10 simple things that can help to save the planet – and save money at home.

The checklist helps people to make a difference: because individual actions are important as well as collective ones.

The list includes ideas to reduce energy bills, to adjust your transport arrangements and to influence what you buy.

The full list is attached at the foot of this web-page, with the suggestion that you “Stick me on your fridge and tick each that you achieve”.

Buriton’s Carbon Footprint revealed at Village Show

Estimates help identify potential areas for action

Reports from an on-line Government-backed calculator (the Impact tool) show that Buriton is performing better than some neighbouring parishes but worse than others - and performs relatively poorly compared with District and National data.

The Impact Tool is an estimator of a community’s carbon footprint which draws on over 30 datasets to estimate the total amount of greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly as a result of everyday human activities in the parish - heating homes, using electricity, transport, producing and distributing food, disposing of waste, etc.

Saving money, saving energy, saving the planet …

Feedback from users of the community’s thermal imaging camera.

The Parish Council bought this handy piece of equipment with support from the county council and early users seem very pleased.

Buriton’s Climate Care Group uses the camera to help householders cut spiralling energy bills and combat climate change.

A number of surveys were carried out in the spring: producing pictures showing where homes were losing heat through gaps in doors and windows or through walls with poor insulation.

Image media

Thermal imaging surveys featured in newspapers

News about Buriton’s new camera

Buriton’s innovative use of a new thermal imaging camera was featured in the local press in March.

The community’s Climate Care Group is helping householders cut spiralling energy bills and combat climate change.

Low-cost thermal imaging camera surveys are being carried out which produce pictures showing where homes are losing heat through gaps in doors and windows or through walls with poor insulation.

The newspaper story explains that whilst the project can’t pay peoples energy bills for them, it can help identify where homes are literally leaking money.

Ideas to help reduce your energy bills

 – and fight climate change at the same time

The Parish Council shares the concerns of residents about the big energy price hikes that are in the news – and is hoping to obtain use of a Thermal Imaging Camera to offer basic home surveys to all households in the parish.

Simple photographs from outside homes can help identify where heat is leaking out – adding to your fuel bills unnecessarily.

Common problems are walls or roofs with poor insulation – or gaps around doors and windows.

Climate Change and Buriton

It is realised that while Covid-19 has shaken us all, threats posed by global warming have not gone away. Major scientific reports show that human activity is changing the climate in unprecedented and sometimes irreversible ways. Reports warn of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding, described as a “code red for humanity”.

Your New Year’s Resolution for 2022 ?

Join the Buriton Climate Change Challenge

Many parishioners are already taking steps to combat climate change.

It’s hoped that more people will get involved by joining this challenge and pledging to do just one thing (or one thing more!) in 2022.

Small steps can bring big changes – and, with help from everybody, tonnes of emissions can be trimmed from the community’s carbon footprint.

You could pledge to do one of the following in 2022:

Energy efficient homes

Ideas to help the community’s ‘Climate Change Challenge’

Buriton’s Climate Change Group will be promoting a ‘Climate Change Challenge’ in the near future: to give everyone some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions and actions for 2022.

In the meantime, the PeCAN group in Petersfield is offering opportunities to learn about making homes a bit greener, warmer and cheaper-to-run:

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Climate change in Buriton

Follow-up meeting makes progress – but more help is needed

The presentation and discussion at the special Parish Council meeting in May has now led to some volunteers meeting to discuss some initial ideas and next steps.

It was recognised that climate change could affect life in Buriton in the years ahead in a wide range of ways: more storms, periods of drought, fires affecting farmland, effects on nature and changes in population movement as sea levels rise which could lead to more houses on land in the parish.