Keeping warm in the months ahead

Home Energy Diagram

New booklet summarises useful advice 

More tips for saving energy and keeping warm have been added to this Community Website to help everyone through the coming winter: see here.

The booklet (also available at the bottom of this web-page) includes a range of ideas for: keeping warm; improving the fabric of our homes to stop heat escaping; generating our own heat and power; and sources of grants and funding etc.  There are also ten simple but useful appendices.

Buriton’s environmental association (BEA) is hoping to help residents with more advice on these issues in November.

The group already uses a special ‘Thermal Imaging Camera’ to help householders cut energy bills and combat climate change. Simple photographs from outside homes can help identify where heat is leaking out – adding to fuel bills unnecessarily. Common problems are walls or roofs with poor insulation – or gaps around doors and windows. Early users of this innovative scheme seemed pleased with the findings (see here).  

These surveys can only be done when it is cold outside and more are now being planned for the months ahead. If you would like your house to be surveyed, get on the list now so you can be among the first to benefit later in the year. There is a small cost of £15 for the service. Any Buriton parishioner interested in a survey can put their name down by contacting parish clerk Petra Norris on 0794353605 or by emailing