Saving money, saving energy, saving the planet …

TIC image

Feedback from users of the community’s thermal imaging camera.

The Parish Council bought this handy piece of equipment with support from the county council and early users seem very pleased.

Buriton’s Climate Care Group uses the camera to help householders cut spiralling energy bills and combat climate change.

A number of surveys were carried out in the spring: producing pictures showing where homes were losing heat through gaps in doors and windows or through walls with poor insulation.

The Group is aware that many people are worried about high energy prices – but explains that there are some fairly simple, relatively low-cost things that can be done to reduce energy bills for those who know where to look.

Group members explain that whilst the thermal imaging project can’t pay peoples energy bills for them, it can help identify where homes are literally leaking money.

Reactions from households who were quick to book early surveys included:

  • the survey was very helpful and located a couple of areas that I can address
  • our house had been improved fairly recently and so the results were reassuring. But it looks as though an increase in loft insulation would be beneficial
  • the survey showed a big difference between windows that were only single-glazed and others that were double-glazed. We’ll try to do something about that as soon as we can
  • it’s interesting how much heat might leak out from our front door
  • Michael walked carefully around our house in the cold and dark and I now know that we are doing much to heat the whole of Buriton!  But we also now know what and where we should do to reduce heat loss! This is a really good initiative.

The surveys can only be done when it is cold outside, so more are now being planned for when the weather turns colder in the autumn. There’s a small charge of £15 to create a fund for replacement batteries etc.

If you would like your house to be surveyed, get on the list now so you can be among the first to benefit later this year.

More volunteers are also being sought: to be trained in the use of the simple camera so that more surveys can be done in the future.

Any parishioner interested in helping or in having a survey done should contact parish clerk Petra Norris on 0794353605 or email