The new houses on Greenway Lane

Imperial Homes

Opportunity to get a 2.5% discount

The Parish Council has made contact with Imperial Homes (who have bought the Greenway Lane development site from Metis Homes) and is stressing that the community must be involved throughout the entire construction process. Information obtained so far is available on the community website by clicking here.

Imperial Homes have told the Parish Council that they have written to local residents offering a discount on the sale price should any local members of the community wish to purchase one of the properties.

Their letter to residents says “we would like to offer the six open market dwellings to the local residents of Buriton first, ahead of formally marketing the development later in the year. If you are an existing resident in Buriton, we would be pleased to offer a 2.5% discount, subject to your financial ability to purchase, and being in a position to exchange within 28 days of any offer being accepted. If you are interested in speaking with our sales team, we would appreciate expressions of interest by September 2022.  E:; T: 01489 784847. We look forward to hearing from any interested parties.” A copy of the letter is attached to the foot of this web-page.

Imperial homes have also said that they will be writing to local residents again prior to making a physical start on site and that they would be more than happy to receive suggestions for road naming - but they request that suggestions are received by mid-July because they will soon be applying for postal addresses.