Thermal imaging surveys featured in newspapers

Buriton's Thermal Imaging story in the Petersfield Post

News about Buriton’s new camera

Buriton’s innovative use of a new thermal imaging camera was featured in the local press in March.

The community’s Climate Care Group is helping householders cut spiralling energy bills and combat climate change.

Low-cost thermal imaging camera surveys are being carried out which produce pictures showing where homes are losing heat through gaps in doors and windows or through walls with poor insulation.

The newspaper story explains that whilst the project can’t pay peoples energy bills for them, it can help identify where homes are literally leaking money.

The surveys can only be done when it is cold outside so more are now being planned for when the weather turns colder in the autumn.

If you would like your house to be surveyed, get on the list now so you can be among the first to benefit later this year.

Any Buriton parishioner interested in a survey can put their name down by contacting parish clerk Petra Norris on 0794353605 or by emailing