Planning application for a new hotel and cycle centre

Hotel Planning Application

- alongside the A3 at the roundabout at Greenway Lane 

A significant planning application has been submitted to develop a greenfield site alongside the A3 at the roundabout at Greenway Lane to construct a hotel and cycle centre. 

The prospective developers are applying for outline planning permission to find out whether or not their proposal is likely to be approved by the planning authority, before they incur any more substantial costs. 

This type of planning application allows fewer details about the proposal to be submitted. 

If outline planning permission is granted a more detailed “reserved matters” application must be made within a specified period of time – but the principle of allowing development would have been established. 

Details can be found on the Planning Authority’s website (reference number SDNP/23/04270/OUT). 

Guidance about how to look at and comment on planning applications is available on this page of this community website:

A copy of the Parish Council's objection letter is attached, below.